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Collaborations with composers

Eva strongly believes in the importance of performers getting involved in the process of music composition. She often collaborates with composers such as Brice Catherin, Faidros Kavallaris and others, for the creation of new pieces and to promote contemporary music in Cyprus and abroad.

with Brice Catherin

La Seconde Castration d’Ouranos

A collaborative composition between Brice Catherin (composer), Melissa Garcia Carro (choreographer) and Eva Stavrou (flute), to create a piece for a moving flutist.

Eva Stavrou plays Chilli and bonbon in Chililabombwe

(from the composer)

This is the fifth piece of my on-going collection "Zombie in Zambia", as performed by flautist Eva Stavrou. The original version of "Chilli and bonbon" was commissioned by the Art Zoyd Studios in Valenciennes (France). I spent two weeks with the amazing Max coder Oudom Southammavong who made all my electronic fantasies come true. Yes, I should mention that "Chilli and bonbon in Chililabombwe" is now for any instrument(s) and live electronics. Note that all the electronic shenanigans are controlled by the instrument itself going through audio descriptors. There's not a single pedal or fader or keyboard involved.


A piece for young flutists. The students are asked to play, dance, paint, write, reflect, and propose all kinds of free-form artistic artefacts.  The first version was created by Eva Stavrou's students in Cyprus in April 2022. (A collaboration between Brice and the composer Maria Sappho)


with Faidros Kavallaris

Eva believes in the importance of promoting the contemporary music in her own country as well as supporting the Cypriot composers.

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